Objects Collection

The KAIKADO Objects Collection complements the company’s distinctive centuries-old idiom with contemporary everyday objects created with materials that age with grace to ensure lasting value as family heirlooms. The KAIKADO Objects Collection is handmade by dedicated artisan craftspeople in Kyoto. Designed by Danish Design Studio OeO

Products of KAIKADO

Company Profile

The KAIKADO brand was established in 1875 in the city of Kyoto by Kiyosuke, creator of the first KAIKADO tin tea caddy. The 130-year-old Chazutsu tea caddy is still KAIKADO’s signature product and is highly appreciated for its splendid style and functional, airtight design. While classic KAIKADO tea caddies have found a global audience, recent KAIKADO design items have brought new sensation to the brand, adding contemporary flavour to the time-honoured KAIKADO universe.