Daily Life Collection

The Daily Life Collection introduces exclusive and highly functional pieces of ceramics that offer contemporary appeal and celebrate the rituals of daily life. The collection includes vases, trays and teacups, which are all handcrafted at the ASAHIYAKI factory in Japan and feature exquisite colour glazing carefully selected for every single piece. The Daily Life Collection is handmade by dedicated artisan craftspeople in Kyoto. Designed by Danish Design Studio OeO.

Products of ASAHIYAKI

Company Profile

Asahiyaki is located in the Uji Region, the oldest tea-producing region of Japan. For more than 400 years, the company has specialised in ceramics and porcelain with exquisite coloured glazing – designs that are handcrafted by members of the Matsubayashi family, who have passed on the traditional techniques for generations. The Asahiyaki product range celebrates the tea experience and includes teaware with contemporary appeal uniquely designed to preserve the delicate flavours of the tea.